Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes for industrial and traction motors

  • stationary commutator machines (direct and alternating)
  • stationary ring machines
  • traction commutator machines (direct and alternating)

Carbon brushes for automotive industry

  • starters
  • alternators
  • dynamos
  • auxiliary motors

Carbon brushes for motors of electrichand tools

  • drilling machines
  • grinding machines
  • saws
  • others

Carbon brushes for motors of electric household utensils

  • food mixers
  • kitchen robots
  • hair-dryers
  • safety-razors
  • vacuum cleaners
  • washing-machines with commutator motors
  • others

Carbon brushes for small motors in special instruments and machinery

  • generators for frequency convertors
  • small motors and generators in aeroplanes
  • small motors for measuring, regulation and information technique