Graphite Parts

Graphite Part is formed for use in a wide variety of manufactured parts benefiting the automotive, chemical, metallurgical and electronics industries. It is usually the result of a copper and pure graphite composite, creating a material that is both structurally sound and reliable. Copper graphite is expensive, but it has improved conductivity and strength compared to pure graphite. Other metallic graphite mixtures may be used but may prove less effective.

Graphite material Grade selected

High quality graphite material supplying in Turkey – The prices of our high quality graphite material are very competitive, so the prices of our graphite Parts formed by this kinds of graphite are very competitive. Please refer to our Isostatically molded graphite, Molded graphite, Extruded graphite and Vibration Molded graphite for detailed specifications, technical data and recommended applications.

·High quality graphite material from graphite suppliers РConsidering the limitedness of our graphite material, our company also selects graphite material from an inventory of all the major grades from graphite suppliers, worldwide.